Trustees News


After our last Trustees Meeting on March 9th 2020 two new members agreed to become Trustees and we are delighted to welcome Patsy Burkey and Phillip James to the Board of Trustees of Wilton Community Centre. This brings the Trustees number to seven, out of the permitted nine but if you are community minded and would like to join us, please get in touch.
The Trustees were also delighted to welcome Ruth Harris as our new Secretary.

Christina Musselwhite resigned in December 2019 due to family commitments.
Christina looked after our community garden, so if anyone likes the thought of helping with this project, please get in touch.

We now have four vacancies for Trustees so if you are a community minded person and would like to help to run our very successful Community Centre, then you may interested in becoming a volunteer Trustee. The Centre is run by a group of volunteer Trustees, who meet every second Monday of the month, are a friendly group and would welcome new faces.
Please contact Gary Nunn 07721 992994Ā 

Ivan Seviour, Wilton Town Councillor and Town Mayor also joined the Trustees team in June last year and we welcome him to the Board.

Our long serving Secretary to the Trustees, Lucy Dalrymple, sadly had to retire in December 2018 due to health reasons. Lucy has been a faithful servant for Wilton Community Centre since at least 2005 and the Trustees would like to thank her for her long and dedicated service and wish her well in the future.