Events & Activities

Regular events:

The Centre is full most of the time, with about 90% occupancy and home to over 35 different groups which include:

Fitness and Wellbeing:

Zumba; Exercise; Cambridge Weight; Slimming World; Forum Stroke Club; Meditation Group; Tai Chi; Ballet; Dance classes; baby sign and sign.

Arts and Music:

Quilting; Ukulele Band; DIY Framing; Beading; Scrapbooking; Painting for Pleasure; Water Colours; U3A Choir; Wessex Crafts; The Wilton Royal British Legion Band.

Social Engagement:

Wednesday Club; Thursday Club; Over 60’s; Country Market; Rainbows, Guides & Brownies; Bingo; Dorset Italian; Wilton Historical Society, Wiltshire Family History; Family History; Wilton Community Carnival.

Special Events

  • Coffee Mornings and Sales
  • Summer Fete
  • Open Day
  • Christmas Fair
  • Christmas Lunch
  • AGM meetings
  • South West Wiltshire Area Board Meetings

A full PDF of monthly events can be downloaded here
November Schedule 2018

Xmas Dinner Dec 25 2012_001 WCC Xmas Fair 2014 _021 WCC Sale June 2015 _004 WCC Xmas Fair 2014 _013 WCC Xmas Fair 2014 _004 Farmers Market June 2012 _004

And some outside as well…

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